Fat Cow Fishing Testimonials

Read testimonials about Fat Cow Fishing products right from the fisherman who depend on them.

From the Pros

Excellent Pork Rind Substitute

John Skinner: Fishing Expert, Author and Video Host

“Fat Cow Jig Strip trailers are excellent pork rind substitutes. They catch as well as pork rind and have the added convenience of not drying out. Try them for stripers, fluke, weaks and sea bass.”

Subtle, Tough and They Don’t Dry Out

“Outdoor Tom” Schlichter, Award-Winning Writer and Photographer

“Fat Cow Jig Strips are a perfect match for bucktails when targeting stripers, summer flounder, weakfish, snook, redfish, seatrout and most other saltwater predators. They also score high marks on the sweeter side for tipping jig & pigs, spinnerbaits or hair jigs for bass, pike, walleye and perch. They are subtle, tough and they don’t dry out quickly like pork rind. Leave them on the hook overnight and they are still ready to go in the morning.”

Exceptionally Versatile

Bill Wetzel, Surf Fishing Guide

“Hands-down Fat Cow Jig Strips are better than any other trailers on the market. They have a scent predator species really like, they come in sizes and styles that match up well to traditional pork rind patterns, and they have a slick coating and jars that seal real tight. They even fit in my current Uncle Josh pork rind holder. Even better, they don’t dry out. That makes them exceptionally versatile because you can rig up different rods with different colors or styles and switch from one to the next as conditions change.”

Turn On Bass and Fluke!

Capt. Joey Leggio, Chasintailtv.com.

"Take a Fat Cow Jig Strip out of the jar and you just know that it’s going to work. It has a smooth, slick feel, bright color and plenty of scent. Tip your bucktails and cast around bridge abutments, jetties and dock pilings to turn on the bass. For fluke, jig tight to the bottom in channels or around bay and ocean structure."

Better Than Pork Rind Trailers

Larry Welcome, North Bar Lures

“I like Fat Cow Jig Strips even better than pork rind trailers when working bucktails from the surf or boats. They are slick and thin so they don’t offer much wind resistance when casting. They also have great fish attracting action, life-like feel and remain soft and ready to use even when left out of the jar and on the hook for several consecutive days.”   

Fat Cow Crushes The Fish

“Hawaiian Dan” Dejkunchorn, Kayak and SUP Angler

"I count on Fat Cow Jig Strip trailers to improve my catches! They are extremely durable, stay on the hook, look alive in the water and don't dry out. Most importantly, they really produce! From fast action with stripers or bluefish to fluke and sea bass, Fat Cow crushes the competition.”

From our Customers

A Must-Have When Targeting Cows

Logan Fogg

"These Jig Strips are top notch, super durable, well designed, and most importantly catch fish. You will never find any other on my bucktails. Come in many great sizes and are easy to use! Definitely a must-have for any surf fisherman targeting cows!"

Jig Strips for Every Bucktail!

Matt Cook

"These Jig Strips are super durable, scented, and straight up are the best trailers for my bucktails. They are a great size and add the perfect flutter. They add a little something to help target the big girls. Now every bucktail will have a Jig Strips trailer!"

What an Excellent Product

Jake Morano

"These Jig Strips are awesome, can't beat 'em. They attract fish and are tough as heck. They're so durable, they stand up to bluefish bites. I would recommend using these strips. What an excellent product, thanks boys!"

Blows Pork Rind Out of the Water


"Best product I've tried and it blows pork rind out of the water."

More Durable Than Curly Tail Grubs

Surfcasting_Plugpage on Instagram

"I was looking for something more durable than curly tail grubs since pork rinds are no longer available. When I found Jig Strips, I fished them the same day and had many fish. It stayed strong even after all of the blues!"

I Really Recommend Them

Daniel C.

"I was looking for a replacement for pork rinds and came across Fat Cow Jig Strips. I got a jar and started fishing them. The first cast I got a bluefish and the strip was fine, not a scratch. They cast well, they're extremely durable, and the best part they don't dry out! I really recommend them!"

Great Product!

Brian M.

"I used the Fat Cow Fishing strips on bass in the spring and they hold up amazing. Tonight I had a chance to see if bluefish could beat them up and I was impressed. Great product!"

Thank You for an Amazing Product

Chris O.

"I've only tried them for fluke and flounder and they work like a beauty!  Thank you guys for an amazing product! I've recommend these to my cousin down in Florida he loves them too."

I'd Never Go Back to Pork

Brendan G.

"Love 'em! Even if I could, I'd never go back to pork. I have recommended them highly and I know a few people who bought a couple of jars and feels the same way. Great product that is much needed."

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