Teasers for Cod fishing

Teasers for Cod fishing – Jig Strips

Teasers for cod fishing, if tied 12 to 30 inches above a diamond jig or clam bait can be very effective. It’s really interesting to see the progression teasers have made over the years.

In the past, teaser flies and 5- to 8-inch tubes in red, orange or green were most popular. Jelly worms came along next with the Mann’s 10-inch red model often used for weakfish the star of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Subsequently, by the mid-1980’s Red Gill Teasers were accounting for plenty of tasty baccala, followed in the 1990’s by large pink curly tailed grubs. The grubs have held on into the new millennium, although they’ve been challenged in recent years soft plastic jerk baits in pink, white and even blue. Currently, Berkley Gulp! grubs and flukes have been leading the charge.

Teasers for Cod fishing
Teasers for Cod fishing

The key to making them work for codfish is to not be set on a single color or style. Try switching things up on the tough days by changing from a curly tail to a straight tail, from soft plastic to feathers or even a surgical tube. Experiment with colors, too. Chartreuse is now a great choice in discolored water and dark blue or purple performs especially well when cod slide inside 100-foot depths. In the past, orange, red and pink once ruled the day

Jig Strips as Teasers for Cod Fishing

In addition, Fat Cow’s Jig Strips make great teasers for cod fishing. Available in small and large sizes and an array of colors, you can match anything from sand eels to herring. With their subtle action, bright colors and squid scent, they offer natural movement while possessing both sight and scent appeal. They are also incredibly tough so they’ll stand up to a lot of abuse on the good days.

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