Durable Bait Trailers, Strip Baits, and Rigging Options

Bait trailers like the old pork strips by Uncle Josh and the new Fat Cow Fishing Jig Strips are extremely versatile right out of the jar. Most often, these trailers are used to tip the end of a jig or add straight to a hook for extra action. 


Aside from tipping a bucktail jig, there are many ways to fish these types of durable bait strips. Some fisherman prefer to attach them to their umbrella rigs and trolling tubes to create an irresistible presentation, others fisherman use them to add flare to their tins, swimmers, or even attach small pieces to their fly hooks to help match the hatch. Below are a few examples of how you can use durable bait strips for different fishing applications.


Most recently, with the release of the Eel Tail Jig Strip, fisherman are attaching two strips to a single hook to get a two-tone look with maximum action.


Another option is to use a stinger hook setup and rig your lure much like you would an eel, bait fish, or rubber shad. You can crimp a piece of wire so you have a loop on one end to slide over your hook and crimp a second hook on the other end to help increase your chances of hooking up while reducing short strikes.


There are also different ways you can attach strip baits to your hook.  You can alter them with a scissor or you can shorten them by folding over the top part of strip and putting the hook. This method can provide added strength and help avoid the unlikely chance that your strip gets pulled off.


Depending on the fishing application, it may be a good idea to alter your trailers. You can cut your strips to decrease the length, width, or add more splits. The 4” Fork Tail can easily be cut up the middle to make for a smaller split tail. If toothy fish are present, cut down the length to create a more compact profile-your strips will last even longer and your hook up rate will increase.

Try cutting an eel tail to tip a spoon and create an enticing presentation.


When you're fishing light tackle,  add a thin trailer to your jig by using a half piece of the Split Tail 5”.  This will give you a nice slim profile.

As you can see, durable strip baits offer endless rigging possibilities.


For more information about durable fishing baits visit www.fatcowfishing.com