Straight Bait Trailers - Uncle Josh 70S Sea Rind and Fat Cow's Skinny Tail Jig Strip

October 8, 2018

By Surfcaster Michael Sebastian


Many fisherman will often ask why you should use a straight bait strip like the Uncle Josh 70S or Fat Cow's Skinny Tail, opposed to something with more action. Any seasoned surfcaster would tell you that the straight tail is key to reducing the sink rate of your bucktail while creating a nice profile and some added action. Slowing the sink rate of your lure is a sure way to keep you in the strike zone longer and increase your chances of hooking up. 



Traditionally,  the Uncle Josh 70S Striper Sea Strip had a more gradual taper with a pointed end. The Skinny Tail Jig Strip was designed as a replacement to the 70S but with a twist. This newer bait offers a more exaggerated taper and a "skinny tail" at the end. The purpose of this design is to maintain a wider profile moving down the bait while the tail wags behind it, giving a natural twitch. This design encompasses both a reduction in sink rate and appears to the fish as an injured bait.

Photo by Surfcaster Vinny Gagnina


For more information visit  WWW.FATCOWFISHING.COM 

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