A New Generation of Baits

October 23, 2016

The best part about using Jig Strips on your bucktails this fall is that they are durable, do not dry out, and they catch fish.


This means you could tip every jig in your arsenal with a bait trailer and leave it until next week or even next season.


How many times have you left a pork rind or gulp on your rig for even just one day? Not only do they become completely unusable but you need a hacksaw to cut them off.


Another alternative is the curly tail grub which works great until you actually start catching fish. Only after a few hits, they can begin to slide down the hook or will even get chomped right in half.


Welcome to a new generation of bait trailers! Durable like pork, catches fish like gulp, and does not dry out like curly tail grubs!! MADE IN USA

Learn more at 👉 www.fatcowfishing.com

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