JIGGING GEL Fish Attractant – Eel


Jigging Gel is a sticky blend of real fresh bait, amino acids, and bite stimulants that is specially formulated to make your Jig Strips smell and taste like the real thing!
This potent gel is enhanced with UV Flash and will adhere to the surface of any bait or lure that you apply it to.
Jigging Gel comes packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle with a an easy to use twist top. Designed to fit right into your surf bag or tackle box.

For best results, squirt Jigging Gel directly into a jar of Jig Strips and shake well. For individual strips, apply a pea size amount directly to strip and spread to coat entirely. Apply every 20-30 casts or as needed. You can use the same application methods on any other bait or lure of preference.

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Jigging Gel - Fish Attractant

EEl, Inshore & Back Bay, Menhaden, Mullet, Shrimp, Squid


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