Finesse Baits Fat Shad 5″


6 Baits – 5″

  • Spot-On Action!
  • Infused with Fish Attracting Scent
  • Mimics popular bait fish

The Fat Shad Finesse Bait is a jerk shad style bait that is best used on the back of a ball jig, as bucktail trailer, or on a weighted or weightless hook. You can fish these baits exactly as you would a bucktail jig. Sweep it in moving current or bounce it vertically from a boat or kayak.

PLEASE NOTE: We did the first run of these baits with a plastic body and sprayed paint over the top to give the two tone color. We will soon be changing over to two color plastic instead of paint to avoid the issue of peeling off. Current models are painted until our new molds are in and we sell through the current baits. Then we will switch over to all two tone plastic moving forward.

Weight N/A
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