Bluefish caught on Jig Strips with Bait

Curly Tail Grub Replacement – A New Generation

The curly tail grub has underwater action like no other trailer. For this reason, anglers having been using them for years. Despite their irresistible twisting motion in the water, the traditional curly tail grub contains one major flaw. Curly tails made from soft plastic are not very durable.

Introducing a new generation of curly tail trailers by Fat Cow Fishing called  Jig Strips.  With improved action, durability, and usability, these curly tail baits are 40X stronger than traditional soft baits. Checkout out all Fat Cow Fishing baits at  www.fatcowfishing.com .

Currently available in 5 1/2″ and 9″ lengths and 5 different colors. 

Curly Tail grub replacement Jig Strips are 40X stronger
Bluefish caught on Eel Tail Jig Strips