Jigging Around Structure

Jigging Around Structure – Don’t Hang Up

Jigging around structure can be very productive but odds you are going to get hung-up from time to time.

Jigging Around Structure

If you find yourself snagged, start with a gentle approach. Sometimes simply jiggling the line lightly will allow a jig to back out. Next, if that doesn’t work, take the rod and attempt several successive sharp snaps. To do this, allow the line to go fully slack between each sharp lift. Additionally, change the angle of your pressure by taking a few steps to the left or the right or even maneuvering the boat. If all else fails, apply steady pressure, followed by full slack. In any case, for lines that are snagged in shallow water, keep your rod tip pointed slightly off to the side so a jig that pops free will not come flying straight at your head. Jigging around structure can be tricky, but if done right it can be very rewarding too.

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