The Problem

Traditional soft baits and other lure trailers are just not durable enough to stand up to aggressive and toothy fish. In addition, some dry out on the hook or break apart after a couple of casts, making them completely unusable.

As a result, fishermen are forced to change their trailers too often or throw away those that are left out of the container too long. This is not only frustrating, but can become costly.  If a faulty trailer is ignored, the presentation of your lure can become negatively impacted and make it less appealing to the targeted species.

Pork rind, curly tail grubs, and jig strips on bucktails
Benefits of Fat Cow Jig Strips

The solution

Jig Strips by Fat Cow Fishing were invented to address these issues. Jig Strips are 40X stronger than traditional soft baits and were designed and tested by North East surf fisherman to withstand toothy fish. Jig Strips  will never dry out or shrivel no matter how long they are left out of the jar.  Spend less time changing your lure trailers and more time hauling in the big one.  Try Jig Strips and fish on!