Soft bait grubs, worms, and other lure trailers are just not durable enough to stand up to aggressive and toothy fish. In addition, some lure trailers dry out on the hook, break apart after a couple of casts, and will eventually begin to slide into awkward positions on the lure.

As a result, fishermen are forced to change their lure trailers too often or throw away those that are left out of the container too long. This is not only frustrating, but can become costly and make fishing less enjoyable.  In addition, if a faulty lure trailer is ignored, the presentation of a fishing lure can become negatively impacted, making it less appealing to the targeted species. 

Jig Strips by Fat Cow Fishing were created to address these issues. Jig Strips are one of the most durable and versatile baits on the market. Designed and tested by North East surf cast fisherman, Jig Strips are made to hold up to aggressive and toothy fish-bites longer than soft bait grubs, worms, and other alternatives. Jig Strips do not dry out and will help to maximize your lure presentation so you can catch more fish.

Spend less time changing your lure trailers and more time hauling in the big one - try Jig Strips and fish on!

Strike-inducing action for your jigs, rigs, tubes, and more!

  • More durable than soft bait grubs, worms, and other alternatives

  • Do not dry out and can be left on the hook

  • Scented & UV Enhanced so fish can smell and see

  • Reduces sink rate of lure to keep you in the strike zone longer

  • Jar fits right in your pork rind holder


Popular Uses: Surfcasting bucktails, spinnerbaits, jigging, trolling tubes, umbrella rigs, and more.

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